Thursday, May 1, 2014


The Tahoe has driven through eleven states and over five thousand miles and we have reached the western tip of our adventure; we turn right and head east.  We drive inland to Portland through the Siuslaw National Forest.  Another beautiful winding and heavily wooded byway.
Portland is a large, city surrounded by rivers.  Portlandia, a sculpture taken from the image on the state seal, sits looking over the city like a Greek goddess holding a trident.  

The old town and water front give hints to the river’s importance. Going over the old bridge and following the Columbia River takes you quickly into the awesome beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.    We have hit the first rainy patch of our adventure.  The light mist does not seem to faze the local residents and the fog frames the green of the surrounding landscape.   Mt. Hood is buried deep in the clouds.

There are many magnificent water falls as we wind along the river; green hillsides and bluffs line each side of this  mighty river.

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