Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rocky Mountains

We drive across the high plains of Washington to the pan handle of Idaho.  The forests returns but the and suddenly the majesty of the Rockies are upon us. 

We break out of the mountains to a huge valley.  Completely surrounded by snow -capped mountains, this is Big Sky Montana.

For miles all around there is wide open spaces. Ranches are very spread out and the livestock has plenty of space to roam; it is spring and there are calves everywhere.  It is still early spring here and the pastures are just beginning to green up.

Driving along is it not hard to spot the herds of antelope.  They have light patches on their backs and side and can be easily seen, even when lying in the grass.

Trees begin to speckle the landscape as you get in the foothills; you can see beautiful log cabins perched on the side of the hills. Brad is very quiet; I hear the opening bars of Bonanza playing in my head. 

We get to enjoy the countryside for a long time before we have to say good bye.

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