Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Snow and Cold

“…Temperatures Monday will be 15 to 35 degrees below average with highs from the minus teens in Minnesota and eastern North Dakota to the single digits and teens in the Ohio Valley and the teens and 20s in Kansas. Tuesday morning lows could range from the minus teens in the northern Ohio Valley and near -20 in Chicago to the minus 20s and possibly some minus 30s in Minnesota.
- Numerous cold records are possible with this arctic blast through the middle of next week…”

Tomorrow is the day that we head out on our amazing adventure.  Like most things so far on this journey to retirement, it appears that this will not come easy.  Brad is a great driver and we will only go as far as we can.  We have already accepted that we might not make it to Kansas City tonight.   

We have been camping out at Travis’ for a couple of nights on our first ‘couch stop’.  We mailed the request for tax extension, bought some ”Minnesota” gifts, did some laundry and re-packed boxes.  We did enjoy a few more days with the Kitty and Travis before we headed out.  I have some snacks and water for the car and an overnight roller bag so we can minimize the stuff we will haul into the hotel. 

Nic and the kids will miss the blog posts so I have decided to send post cards to them along the way.  They are so cute, going to miss the smiles and giggles and hugs.

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