Friday, January 24, 2014

WOW, What a Winter!

Having planned a 3 month “get-away”, we were thinking that we would miss winter this year.   OK, so not so much.  It goes without saying for anyone living through this, that the winter is hard.  It seems that we started with early snow followed by early cold, then more snow and really cold.
A small snowfall can really snarl rush hour.  I admit, I take a small amount of perverse pleasure in listening to the traffic report.  I did drive through the nonsense that the snow provided us in December.  That was plenty.
New snow makes the woods even more magical.  Highlighting every branch of every tree.  The only sound is the squeak of your boots. 
Nothing works when it is really cold.  Not the garage door, not the car.  Who knew that the “gas” would leak out of those little shock absorber looking things that open the hatch of your SUV.  Who knew that door was so heavy!

Two more days,  then we blow this Popsicle stand!

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