Friday, January 24, 2014


So we have been talking about “retiring” at the end of the year since about, um,  last January.  So here we are, a year later, retired.   Not exactly sure what that means but based on what I have read on the subject of retirement, it is what we “make” it.  That feels like more pressure than I was expecting.  After 50+ years of thinking through the consequences of every single decision, I was hoping that I could just let retirement happen.
I was never one to back off of an opportunity to over-think anything so here we go.    We quit our jobs, closed our businesses, sold our house and moved the belongings we had to have to our “yet to be finished” cabin.   Now one would think that this would be a good time to finish that cabin, but not us!   We opt instead for a RETIREMENT RE-BOOT.
Something like a month long road trip followed by a month in Mexico and wrapped up with another month on the road.
This blog, is another grandiose idea.  We will have to see how they both work out. 

I am not sure that this is an idea which is over-thought but it is for sure that we are not moving gently into retirement.