Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Mike by any other Name

Today we celebrate brother Mike’s birthday, (not to be confused with big Mike, who is married to Debbie or little Mike, who is really Michael).  This birthday boy is easy to recognize, he is the funny guy with the smile on his face, for you see, Mike is blessed with five sisters and their lovely families.  Mike loves and takes good care of his sisters. All this fun, feeds this funny man, no really, this guy should have his own stand-up gig. The funniest things come out of his mouth. 

I will admit that I did have just a small amount of anxiety about dropping in on the family, some I have only meet as an adolescent and some that I have never met.  Talk about unnecessary stress, this group is amazing.  It is so easy to be here, a real “familiar” feeling washes over as soon as we get in the same room. 

To avoid embarrassing myself, I will not rattle off who goes with who but had to share some fun photos are a few photos.

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