Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stallion Springs

Tehachapi is an Indian word meaning sweet water. For us, Tehachapi means a weekend in the mountains at Mark and Wanda's weekend home. The Tehachapi Mountain range extends for about 40 miles, separated from the Sierra Nevada by the Tehachapi Pass. Their house sits above 4000 feet, overlooking Stallion Springs; the view is just amazing.

The quiet echoes through the canyon; it is perfectly peaceful and serene.  I can see why they love coming here.  We enjoy snacks and conversation on the deck as the wind gently whistles through the pine needles.

The hills are full of wild life; we watch the elk and mule deer from the deck and large picture windows in the living room.

The area, rich in Indian history, also has a diverse variety of attractions.  There are vineyards and ostrich farms, bobcats and petroglyphs, apple orchards and horse ranches.  The town of Stallion Springs sits in the valley surrounded by organic farms; it has a genuine small town feel. Right on the main street there is the local joint, P Dubs across the street from the bowling alley/ play house. Roads lined with homes are ringed with parks and equestrian trails; there is even a quaint covered bridge.  

In the nearby town of Tehachapi there are more fun attractions.  The town itself has a noted railroad history with 50 trains passing through most every day. 

There are large wind farms to the south east; miles of giant turbines scoop up the wind created from the thermals of this unique landscape. 

But most interesting for us today is The Red House BBQ. It takes the right mix of quality ingredients and special processes, usually involving lots of care and time, to make great BBQ and this place has it.  When it all comes together, there is nothing like it and it shows on the faces of the people who eat and work here.  This cute joint is just what we have been looking for, what a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Toward the west end of the valley is the Pacific Crest Trail.  This national scenic hiking trail spans 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada.  There are ribbons of hiking trails crisscrossing the dark green hillsides.

Not for the faint of heart, some of these trails are treacherous.  Of course, there is plenty to so for those less brave.  Thank you, Wanda and Mark, for sharing your little piece of heaven with us.   

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