Friday, April 4, 2014

On the road again

Sad to be leaving, Yorba Linda, but feeling good to be back on the road, we head to see Wanda and Mark. Santa Clarita, the third largest city in Los Angeles county, is nicknamed “Hollywood North”, is because of its TV and Movie Production.  Shows such as JAG, NCIS, The Office and Dukes of Hazard and BJ and the Bear, all have roots here.  Cool, eH?

Mark and Wanda generously invite us to their special occasion spot, Le Chene restaurant.  Le Chene, roughly translated means, “The Oak Tree”; this sweet little place, coincidentally located in township of Agua Dulce (sweet water).  The outside of Le Chene has the look of a small castle, made of river rock. Once you open the door the rock motif continues through the entrance then opens to a large bar overlooking the garden. 

The stone building where the restaurant is today has stood proudly for 87 years. The site was originally developed by the Dodrill family in the early part of the last century. William Arch Dodrill, was born in 1888 in Stevens Creek, Lancaster County, Nebraska. His grandparents had emigrated from England and settled in Virginia. During the Revolutionary War, his grandfather was captured, escaped, and changed his name from Dodridge to Dodrill in order to stay in America. 

The current owner, Juan Alonso named his restaurant for the centennial oaks that surround his river-rock cottage and garden. Today, six acres of vineyards, provide many of Le Chene’s more than 900 different French and California wines. In addition, below the building, in the wine cellar, resting and aging the vast collection of wine that makes up their extensive wine list, roughly 32,000 bottles.

Great wine, wonderful food, scratch that, amazing food, and good people.  How lucky are we?

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