Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Few Good Men

On 2/2/1972 a young boy arrived at the Marine Training Center in San Diego California, 

13 weeks later, a mature, disciplined well trained Marine walked forward and reverently accepted the Marine Corp insignia.

Today, 2/24/2014, Brad walked us across the grinder in front of the same building where he spent part of those thirteen weeks. 

We see young, babies in my eyes, men marching in step with the commands of the drill sergeant; moving in lines, constantly adjusting, to keep in exact formation. 

We are very surprised to have been allowed to ventured this far into the training facility.  I was a little worried that we had come all this way in vain, after the serious and tense young soldier who checked our ID and vehicle Identification, was unsure what to do with us.  Brad talked with the slightly older and more cordial soldier, who was called to figure out what to do with us; soon we were given clearance through the gate, on to the base.

 Maybe we were supposed to stay in the Museum and Gift Shop, but Brad’s stories and the sounds in the distance, drew us out onto the Parade Deck.  Watching the exactness of how they handled the rifles, the organized chaos of the “jabbering” prior to being called to attention.   The sounds many voices, all competing and over writing each other; yelling almost. Watching, Brad, as he watched. 

So glad we came.  What a great day.  Semper Fidelis!

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