Friday, February 21, 2014

Love's Enduring Power

We met so many nice people on our visit to Indian Wells, but none touched us quite like David and Karen.

It was just another night at Franks Place and we were upstairs, as usual, enjoying the music and watching the dancers.  We often wished on this trip that we had paid better attention during our dancing lessons.  For us, appreciation of the music from the forties and early fifties is easy; dancing to it, always elusive.

Suddenly, one couple stood out.  The reverence in which they held each other with their eyes, the tenderness of their touch; these two were in love.  Love is nothing new, but just watching these two made me pause.    Looking down on the dance floor below, I realized that Brad too was focused on the same couple.  We held hands as we watched silently for what felt like an eternity and finally Brad pulled away.  Next thing I noticed, he was stooped down, at their table; all smiling wildly.  Wonderful evening, beautiful people.

If ever I had a wish, none would be greater than this.  Please help me be that happy.

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