Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cross Walk

Despite the warnings of cooler weather, today is just beautiful; sunny and clear and warm.   Today, Diane is here; and all four of us head out on our walk.  Safety in numbers, I always say.  We walked along a lovely road, checking out the wonderfully manicured homes.  There was this adorable one that looked like a storybook cottage in the English countryside and a beautifully landscaped Spanish Hacienda.

Soon we connected up with a multi-purpose trail in Yorba Linda, it is so quiet and peaceful. I am not sure what I was expecting, but so close to LA, I  am just a little surprised to see these serene pathways.

Oh, and horses, in town;  a little surprised with that,too.

It is pretty funny, the random thoughts which go through my head, maybe more scary than funny, but as we were walking I was noticing the fancy electronic pedestrian crossing buttons they have at the semaphores.  One beeps happily and asks you ever so kindly to wait.  One tells you to watch for cars as you cross.  The one I especially liked was one the trail, placed at the appropriate height for those on horseback. 

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