Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Love Lucy

Today’s journey takes us across the Mohave Desert.  Thinking that this might be a long day, I pulled out my book.   Well, we did not study our Spanish and I did not read my book.   The desert was beautiful.  We are surrounded by those beautiful black canyons which we have been enjoying for days; showing through a light cloud cover, displaying is pastel layers of gray.  

There are clumps of green, dotting the horizon and if you look closely you can see that the spring bloom is just ready to begin.  There is pink and purple and yellow; large white lilies; honestly, this is the more green along the road than we saw driving across Texas.

Coming into the Palm Springs area, you see and feel a change.  Guided by palm lined streets and surrounded by sculptured resorts and country clubs, the desert environment has turned to green; green grass like I have never seen.  This is just amazing.

Indian Wells, California actually is named for an old Cahuilla Indian water hole which was the major water source for the area tribes.  The well, built in 1850, fifteen years before gold was discovered in the Colorado River, was referred to as “Indian Well”. 

We have stayed at some great places thus far in this trip and this stop is no exception.  We are lucky enough to snatch three nights at the Indian Wells Resort, built by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in 1957.  This place features glitzy 1950s retro décor, pictures of the famous guests and founders and a rich Hollywood history.

  By day, we lounge around the pool; tonight we are treated to “Big Band” in the lobby bar.  Still cannot believe that this is what we do.  

To all of you dreaming of retirement; work hard, save your money, be patient, it is SO worth it. 

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