Saturday, February 15, 2014

Needles, California

It is another beautiful morning Needles, California.  Starting out at 60, forecast for 85.

We are headed back into Arizona to Lake Havasu.  The drive is just beautiful along Arizona Highway 95.  We wind around the same beautiful black canyon peaks we saw yesterday; each layer of mountainside,  a different shade of grey.   

Lake Havasu is a reservoir formed by the Parker Dam, created to collect water for use by California.  The lake, at capacity, is almost 650,000 acres, with an average depth of 35 feet and 90 feet at it deepest point.   We see many boats; some very large. We are told this is winter here and the slow season.  With it being a warm, sunny, Saturday of a holiday weekend and hosting both a Pyrotechnics event and a 50’s rock and classic car show, we are surprised that it was not too busy.

We easily find parking by the London Bridge Park and walk along the lake.  It is very nice.  We talk with a few people and find that there are many Minnesota “folks” here.  We walk for a while and find a nice bench along the beach, to sit a rest a while.  This retirement stuff is not hard, really, it is not hard at all. 

This is a beautiful spot;  boats are beached along the river, all set up for a day on the beach;  a morning Tae Kwon Do class just breaking up; a boy scout troupe out for a hike.   I even see a Morneau jersey walk by- “Hey, Minnesota!” they say hey back and wave.   This is a place where I think I could spend the winter.

We are now 19 days in, visiting 10 states, traveling over 3000 miles; we are still loving the adventure.  I just can not believe that this is for real.

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