Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don’t Mess With Texas

Texas is one gigantic state, with 268,820 square miles, with a very diverse landscape.  It took us a full day drive in and one full day to drive out.    Driving in through the north east corner of the state we see several huge ranches with miles of white slat wood fences and mile long driveways.  You really get the feeling that you are not in Kansas anymore. 

The center of the state holds some very cosmopolitan cities, great for some but we are looking for more "off-the-beaten-path" for this trip.  Once through the traffic of the big cities, we feel more comfortable in Hill country.  

Heading west of along Interstate 10, it looks like Apache country. Makes you feel like you are in an old cowboy movie. Except maybe the red sports car and the Interstate.

Heading north of Fort Stockton the landscape immediately changes.  OMG, 100 miles of oil wells and electric poles and lines, no houses, nothing.  After an hour we see six big black cows but no evidence of a house or barn or where they might live.    Then just as fast, back to just oil wells.

Finally, we cross the state line.   New Mexico, the next chapter.

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