Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Still awake at 12:49

Ok, so it is now the tenth day (and night) of our Amazing Retirement Adventure.  Sleep comes easy to Brad, me, not so much.  Sleeping, while traveling, has always been difficult, at least for the first night.  The things I notice are the new noises, so nothing really clinical, just the normal stuff.   I am finding this hilarious since that is sort of the plan now for a while.  Tonight I read on another travel blog that I should not look at the computer or TV before bed, I should not drink hot tea and I should get more exercise.   Hmmmm,  not really gonna help me tonight since I have spent nine hours sitting in a car and then the next two hours updating the blog.  Ok, so now I am on a site call “The art of drinking beer” , yes and I am still looking at a back lit screen and sipping on my warm tea.  

Did you know that a new study published in the Public Library of Science One (PLoS One) says that one non-alcoholic beer with dinner may help you fall asleep faster?   You can learn so much on the internet, right?  I will try tomorrow and report on this crazy subject’s success.

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