Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Adios mi Amigo

Driving away from Kris and John’s, I think about friendship.  The people we lose track of over time. The opportunities for conversations that we miss by letting the distance grow.  This trip has brought me closer to so many people.  People miles away that I have not seen in years, people online for whom I have let time be the distance. 
I make a quiet promise to myself to do better.

We merge on to West Interstate 40 excited to back on the road but sad to be leaving New Mexico.  We were won over by the haunting beauty of this state, its people and history. 

Today takes us across northwest New Mexico and Northern Arizona.   We tip our hats as we cross the Rio Grande for the final time this trip.   We see the familiar landscape of vast flat land abruptly enhanced with large rock cliffs exposing the sediment layers, sometimes at angles pointing to the sky. 

Again we see signs of past volcanic activity.  Volcanoes have been part of the landscape in this state for ‘billions’ of years. 

 Hmmmm, for the second time already today I feel small.

P.S  -   Happy Birthday, Miss Breanna!   We love you, our little princess.   <3  <3  <3

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