Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Walk on the Beach

The morning is crystal clear, the ocean is deep blue and the waves break hard.  It is good that we started early, no clouds this morning to shelter us from the sun.  Walking on the softer sand of the upper beach is not getting much easier and I console myself by thinking that it must be good exercise.  There are fewer people this morning.  There are two large fishing boats out from the rock jetty at the farthest end of the beach, the kind with the booms on each side.

As we walk along we see a group of horses like we saw yesterday.  There were several groups heading in both directions.  I remember when we rode horses on the beach in Puerto Vallarta.   The first horse in the group heading our way has a woman, fairly comfortable, followed by a small boy with a man sitting behind the saddle.  I am assuming that a wrangler is riding with the young boy until he feels comfortable.  The horses are beautiful as they walk along the ocean with their tails and manes catching the wind.  These horses are somewhat more docile than the ones we saw yesterday running down the beach with much more experienced riders aboard. 

We walk for a long time and we are getting very close the jetty.  We are assuming that it is a Marina and are curious enough to push to the end of beach.  When we get there, we see a path through the rocks that runs along a protected beach.  As we walk to the water I notice gold flecks, like the ones I washed from my feet after our walk the day before.  Hmmm, gold - maybe I do not have to email Travis for more money after all…  LOL

There is a resort in the distance on the other side of a canal; and yes, a marina.  There is a very cute “island bar” with a photo shoot taking place.  Beach Bar is written on the chalk board listing the Happy Hour specials.   We sit in a shady spot and admire a large yacht, tied along thesedge; a pontoon ferries people across the water.  I make a mental note of this place. 

Walking back seems to go much faster than the trip out.  The sun is getting intense and we stop and rest under a polappa.  The rhythm of the waves is hypnotic and we sit totally silent.  The horses return from their ride.  The young boy is happily bouncing up and down in the large saddle, all alone, no assistance needed for that cowboy.  We both smile.

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