Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mexico, Day Three

 Today on our beach walk we headed west.   The waves were breaking hard as we walked along.  I had a keen eye on the water after spotting the whales yesterday. Today I see a fish jump, the shape of a small stingray, over and over again, more than a meter high, almost flying.  I have read that fish, including stingrays, will leap out of the water to avoid getting eaten.   A nose of a dolphin pops out of the water to eyeball the fishing boat trolling along very close to the shore and the breaking surf.  I wonder as I walk what might be down there to spook a stingray.  The light layer of clouds which protected us earlier has burned off so we turn around and head back to avoid the full power of the sun.

There is a good mix of shade and sun by the pool and another perfect day of weather is underway.  A bean bag game sitting unused catches my eye and the challenge has been made.  Brad falls behind early but pulls off a lucky last minute win to quiet the competition.   I like that game a lot better when I win.    LOL   

We are going into downtown for dinner tonight.  San José, the first community of Los Cabos, was once the home to the local Pericú tribe, the stop for Spanish galleons and a hiding spot for pirates.  It has a charming “Old Town” feel with the Mission across from the town square and pastel colored adobe building on both sides of the Palm tree lined streets.

During the colonial time sailors knew the coast of Baja California very well; galleons loaded with silks, pearls and spices, they traveled between Manila and Acapulco stopping for water and food supplies. They hunted wild animals at the estuary, next to the mouth of the river.  They then continued their trip until Acapulco, where the load was sent to Mexico City and from there to Veracruz, where it was finally embarked, heading to Spain.

There is a group of girls practicing in the square for the upcoming Festival.  This celebration runs for 11 days and honors St. Joseph, the cities patron saint. The buildings are full of cute shops and well renowned restaurants, many located in historic buildings. 
We joined a group of condo neighbors for dinner at the Tropicana, an incredibly romantic restaurant, housed in old hacienda, with hotel accommodations available at the Tropicana hotel.  We are seated at a lovely table near a small band playing traditional Mexican music.  We were immediately serenaded with a lively number.

We enjoyed nice conversation with our new Canadian friends.     The margaritas, were very good; the food, amazing; the walk through this sweet Mexican town in the evening, divine.  Thank you Burt, Barb, Miles and Lyn.

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