Thursday, March 13, 2014

Puerto Los Cabos

Today, under perfect weather, we choose to take a walk down the beach.  We walk east, past the estuary, to the Marina.  Puerto Los Cabos is a beautiful new marina, just minutes away from downtown San Jose.  Los Cabos refers to Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, two towns connected by luxury resorts and golf courses.  

The marina is home to many large yachts, fishing charter boats and a pontoon to shuttle people across the channel from the hotel to the beach bar.    We enter from the beach and opt to walk around, along a cactus garden lined with sculptures, palm trees and blooming bougainvillea.  

Ahead we see several pens of dolphins.  A trainer leads the next group of participants, all wearing the same royal blue life jackets, down for their dolphin interaction.  We watch as the people line up to touch the dolphin.  On command, the star of the show, swims along on his side and splashes them with his flipper.  The dolphin chirps happily as he splashes the girl on the end with his tail.  In the next pen, another brave soul floats as two dolphins push him along from the bottom of his feet.  

Once on the other side of the marina we see pavilions where the day’s catches are weighed and cleaned.  The smaller fish arrive via coolers; the large ones require a wheelbarrow ride.  We see large grouper hanging from the bar and a blue marlin getting a ride up the ramp.  Once we reach the beach we spot the beach bar and head back around for refreshments. 

The long walk home requires a pit stop where we feel like we are all alone on this beautiful planet.  

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