Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pool Hopping

Club La Costa is located on the main road that follows the coast as you head into San Jose.  It is a rather large and well established development where everyone has  a smile and friendly greeting.  The development is completely gated with keypad entry of security code required for both entrance and exit.  There are three fazes, seriously, that is how they spell it. Faze 3, ours for the month, was built first.  Each faze has seven buildings, each building has twelve units.  Most are two bedroom condos.  Each faze has three pools.  Residents mostly keep to the pools in front of their unit and if they feel adventurous, they swim in another pool in their own faze.  So much for that. 

One afternoon, Brad and I, still wearing bathing suits from a normal day in San Jose, decide to check the area out.  The lovely walkways around the buildings are landscaped with tall cactus and beautifully blooming flowers everywhere.  The pathways are narrow but neatly manicured; there are indirect lights to illuminate the walkways after dark.  Each unit is individually owned and most have very unique decorating touches that spill out the doors and windows; beautifully handcrafted pots hold plants, gorgeous wall hangings and rugs round out the inviting doorways. There is so much beautiful art here and the residence clearly support the local artists.

As we walk into the first pool, two women sit side by side on deck chairs talking while three children play in the pool. There is an unattended swim up bar and hot tub.   We exchange greetings and brief niceties and move along. The next pool is smaller, but very nice; the ground floor units’ decks have walk out access to the pool.  Two men look up from their books to greet us, not want to bother them we move along.  Just like the story goes, the next pool was just right.


Here we meet a nice woman, girl actually, from Vancouver.  She has a cute lilt to her voice, leaving each sentence with a higher tone than it started.  She was here on holiday, just staying two weeks, but had been here before.  Everyone we talk to has been here before, some come back every year.  Anyway, she and her boyfriend had spent yesterday fishing.  They were going for Marlin but settled for a shark.  She waves over her friend and we chat and chat and chat.  Turns out he is a retired commercial fisherman.  They live in an area of the country with the best fish in the world and they come here to fish, go figure.  After a nice long visit, we wish them good night and head back to watch the sun set from the pool in front of our place.   Life is grand.

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