Sunday, March 23, 2014

Todos Santos

We head out today with Bert and Barb for lunch in Todos Santos, a farm town on the coast north of Cabo San Lucas.   There are not too many highways in the Baja; from what we are told, the ones that are here now are much improved over what was here not so many years ago.   Bert pulls off for a quick pit stop at the Roadhouse.  This colorful local hangout of expats is where my new favorite saying, NO BAD DAYS, was coined and I had to get a shirt.

The drive to Todos Santos takes us along the Pacific Coast along HWY 19.  As soon as you leave the resort area where the natural landscape has been modified; you realize that the arid climate is because you are in the Dessert, deep in the Dessert; it is like you are in a cactus forest.  The Mountains are black and rocky; there are cacti everywhere, the tall ones with arms that you see in all the old westerns.  It turns out that we were looking at two different kinds of cacti, Saguaro and Cordon.  Both are very tall, can grow to be over 100 years old and are protected.  Very cool.

We eat lunch at a lovely place with lovely people. 

Todos Santos is home to wonderful shopping, great restaurants and Hotel California.
 Welcome to the Hotel California, 

Such a lovely place, (Such a lovely place) Such a lovely face

Plenty of room at the Hotel California, 
Any time of year, (Any time of year) You can find it here

The drive home takes us to Cerritos beach.  This place is a surfer beach.  We find a boutique hotel and stop for a cerveza.  It is up on the hill with a beautiful view.  We enjoyed watching the whales and the surfers. 

Look north and you see an entirely different view.

Thanks Bert, another great day.

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