Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beach Party

We were invited to join Jim & Maureen, Jim’s daughter and her family and Alec & Karen for a day at the beach.  Today’s beach party was at Chileno Beach; a calm, clear water beach, good for snorkeling.  There are no restaurants so we pack a picnic and coolers along with the standard beach fair.  We have quite a crew and a load to go with so two vans are needed.   Jim arranges everything and on the road we go; it is about 5 miles away, on the way to Cabo.  It is a very clean public beach with easy access and parking; some snorkel tours out of the Cabo marina often anchor just off shore.

It does not take us long to find a spot and settle in for a great day.

The water is crystal clear and we are eager to get in.

There are so many fish it is like swimming in an aquarium.  When people pulled out bags of food it was a feeding frenzy.   Many kinds and colors, even large parrot fish.

Exploring takes us to the over the rocks to the other side.  The view is amazing.

So is the sea glass.

This has to go on the list for favorite beach, for sure.

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