Monday, March 3, 2014

Welcome to Mexico

The rain has finally arrived in California.  Clearly the local meteorologists get board with the perfect weather because they are all over the unique weather passing through.  Diane was so kind to drive us to the airport on those crazy LA freeways, even more treacherous when wet.  Thanks Sweetie, you are the best!  We boarded our flight right on time; getting checked-in and through security was a breeze.
We are told and can see that Saturday is the best day to depart from the John Wayne airport.  Flying is not really as fun as it used to be but our flight from LA is much shorter than it would have been from Minneapolis.  Two hours and we are in Mexico.  

Many people have warned us about the Cabo airport and based on our last trip to Cancun, I remember that transportation is not as simple as asking for a taxi.   There are vendors, which by the way look like taxi and shuttle drivers, who are paid by time share sales offices to drop people off -- and that is just what they do.  This chaos and uncertainty is always a stressful part of traveling for me.  We eventually manage to get where we need to be, non the worse for wear.

We were wearing long pants and jackets as we headed out this morning and it is noticeably warm, mid-eighties, as we exit the airplane.  The group of animated couples are much quieter on exit than they were entering.  The two hours at the bar prior to departure made the flight a good time for a nap, I suppose.  I love watching the people, trying to figure out their stories.  For some, it is easy to strike up conversation to get the details, for the others, I like to watch for some snippets and make up the rest. 

Future note for anyone traveling with me, it is really better just to talk to me and tell me your life's story.

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