Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fire by the Sea

Today is a busy day at the pool; we have seen lots of new people arrive.  It is fun to watch the families having fun, playing in the pool. We play cards and bags and swim.  Another day melts away as we thoroughly enjoy the pool, and the perfect weather.

Tonight we are taking Travis to our favorite place, Cabo Azul. We walk around and are amazed how immediately you are transported to a place far, far away.  Fire, water and smooth stones, soft jazz makes sure that all you can find all the elements of Zen.

The boys go to the bar and I find a soft chair next to the fire, facing the ocean, watching the full moon illuminate a path across the water; a cruise ship on the horizon heads out to sea after a big day in Cabo.

We meet some nice people from British Columbia, surprise, surprise.  They join us on the deck, enjoying the fire.  There is a live Mexican combo in the restaurant behind us adding a reminder of where we are.

After a nice relaxing evening we head out on the street; there are several cute little places, each with a bar, 8-10 tables and always live music. It is just after 9 PM, early yet, but the Jazz and Tappas has crowd gathering on the sidewalk watching the lively Mexican singers.  There are people dancing, including a waiter with one of the guests.   On the corner is Rock ‘n Brews; they will not get going until 11PM.

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