Monday, March 10, 2014

Art Walk

San Jose is home to some world renowned galleries. Every Thursday they open their doors and welcome guests for an evening strolling the neighborhood, viewing art, sipping wine and dining at the fabulous neighborhood restaurants.

 It is a great reason to go back downtown.  As we walk down the main street we see many local residents.  The people of San Jose are very family oriented and children join their parents tonight as they work in the shops leading up to the town.  Just off of town square are several cobble stone streets lined with the original town buildings.  The facades of these original buildings have been converted to beautiful storefronts and the interiors to showcases for the local artisans.  Often upon entering the evening sky is visible through a lush tree or courtyard.   Exquisite art and pottery is on display and available for those with the resources. One cute gallery is built into the same building where a “gas station’ meant a watering stop for the animals that brought you on your way.  Another, La Mina, is at the entry of what once was silver mine.  The inside of the darling shop looks as though you have entered the mine, except for the soothing music that is play and the exquisite jewelry hanging from the low rock ceiling.  

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