Sunday, March 9, 2014

Easy Walking

Our morning slips away and it is already after 2.  The sun gods be damned, we are going to the beach.  The tide is out and there is a wide ribbon of hard pack sand next to the breaking waves.  This is so much easier for walking than the soft sand higher on the beach. The water is dark turquoise, especially on the horizon where the blue sky melts into the ocean.  There are some brave souls playing in the afternoon waves. Ok, ok, so no more about the beach. 

Tonight, we will enjoy cocktails at Burt and Barb’s.  Their condo is in the building adjacent to ours, with their deck facing the other direction.  Barb has decorated with bright Mexican colors; the place is full of awesome artwork. One amazing painting is an enormous painting of a beautifully captured the Mexican child with tender eyes. Barb speaks warmly about the artist who created the beautiful piece.  As the sun sets, the deck is illuminated by beautiful lights made of painted glass; next to the pillows where we sit are floating candles adding to the ambiance. We have lovely conversation that stretches long past cocktail hour and into the evening.

We are really loving this.

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