Monday, March 3, 2014

San Jose del Cabo

San Jose Del Cabo is about 30 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas, on the southern end of Baja Peninsula.  Even though it is almost completely surrounded by ocean, the climate is warm and arid. The majority of the rainfall occurs in only four or five days, usually in September.

The beach area is wide and stretches in each direction farther than we could walk.  To the east is the estuary, where the fresh waters of the Rio San Jose meet the salt water of the Sea of Cortez.  The river is 30 miles long and is the largest source of fresh water to the area.  For much of its length, Rio San Jose runs underground.  To the west is a stretch of ocean front resorts and a long stretch of sand. Today we head east.  

There are not many people as we head out this morning.  The occasional jogger, zig-zags back and forth between the soft upper beach and the harder sand next to the pounding surf.  The sand is soft and we adjust our gait to a slower pace. Two people who have the same "new car smell" that we do, stop and stare intently at the ocean.  We find a nice spot and stop a spread the blanket.  We lie listening and watching.   I head to the water, just for a quick touch with a toe or two.  Yup, it is cool.  As I turn away, the girls standing behind us squeal and laugh at the appearance of a whale with her calf catapulting at right angles up, out of the water.  We stay until the light layer of thin clouds clear and the hot sun arrives.

The main road along the coast is lined with condominiums, timeshares, resorts and cute bars and restraurants.  There are many English speaking people walking about, many from Canada.  The streets are clean and the crosswalks are well observed.  We immediately feel comfortable walking around.   Everyone is friendly and casual exchanges, much to my relief, are managed in English.  We wander around after dark to a beautiful beach front property, Cabo Azul, magnificently lit throughout with torches.  We linger for a long time and enjoy the ambiance, a great end a beautiful day.

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