Monday, March 3, 2014

Fresh California Oranges

It has been an especially difficult winter in many parts of the country; the worst in Minnesota for many years.  For those suffering through this seemingly endless winter, just remember, that northern climates have many advantages.   In addition to the many benefits of living in Minnesota, the bitterly cold weather of winter builds character for the hearty spirits who live there and it also kills off those nasty insects that grow large in other parts of the country.   We love the fresh air, beautiful lakes and the four seasons that fill our lives in Minnesota but we are absolutely enjoying the lovely weather of southern California.  Much needed rain is coming for the weekend.

We stop and pause as we enjoy the warm sun; feeling for those who are suffering through this long, relentless winter.    But it is hard to deny the advantages of living in a climate that remains warm all year through; none quite as satisfying as the availability of fresh tree fruit.   In addition to the warm weather, we have been enjoying fresh oranges, lemons, limes and avocados all week.  

Tonight, on my walk with my two walking friends, I see where all the fruit comes from…

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